How To Prepare For A Bathroom Remodel

Tips To Live By When Remodeling Your Bath Room


Remodeling a bathroom may sound like fun but if you are not prepared well, some unexpected costs and incidences may weigh you down. So before you start the fun part of picking fixtures and selecting the right color of paint, here are some things you may want to do when planning to remodel your bathroom.

Get the right contractors

Almost every contractor you meet will claim to offer you the ultimate bathroom remodel. But you better take your time and make the right decision. Make sure all the contractors working on your project have property damage, liability and workers compensation insurance and that their policies are still in force. You also need to choose professionals who know how to conduct themselves in someone’s property. They will be around you and your family for a while so make sure they are trained to respect your home.

Ask for references

You shouldn’t hire contractors until you speak to at least 3 to 4 references from clients they have worked for, specifically done bathroom renovations for. When checking the references, make sure you ask those clients if their renovations were completed on time and if the contractors responded quickly to their calls and enquiries. Ask if they left their homes clean or in a mess after completing the renovations. You need to know all these things before making any hiring decisions.

Get a descriptive quote

It’s very important to ask your bathroom remodeler to provide a quote that fully describes all the work they intend to do. The remodeling contractors should be able to state the brand, type, model and sizes of materials they will use as well as the costs of the project and dates of starting and completion. Also make sure they have stated the penalties and conditions for nonperformance on the quote. The terms of payment should also be clearly explained in the contract document. Don’t take anything to chance; make sure you get the correct details before the project begins.

Planning a second bath

If you only have one bath then you might need to plan for a second bath which you can be using as the project progresses. Depending on your situation, you may need to rent a portable toilet or move into a hotel until the renovations are complete especially if it involves demolition. Make sure you go over the details with the contractors to ensure you have realistic expectations of the bathroom remodel.

You also need to be given information on whom you should be able to contact if anything goes wrong or whenever you have questions. Sometimes the contractors who are on site may not provide answers because they are only hired to work on what they are paid for. You need to get the contacts of whoever will be serving as the general contractor because this is the person you will be communicating with most. In case the scheduled crew doesn’t show up, you should be able to contact your contractor who needs to be reachable immediately.